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Sunday, April 02, 2017

Seongju & Huntsville: No THAAD on April 8

Another video from South Korea where a melon farming community protests the US deployment of the provocative THAAD 'missile defense' system.

At the start of the video local women cheer the news reports that recently impeached right-wing President Park Geun-hye was arrested in the early morning hours of Friday, March 31 and is currently jailed at the Seoul Detention Center while awaiting trial. The Special Investigation Bureau in charge of investigating the Choi/Park corruption scandal is expected to indict Park and make a motion for trial in mid-April.

The ironic thing is that the Seongju farming community voted 85% in favor of the US puppet President Park in the last election.  Park likely felt confident that since Seongju residents were loyal conservative party supporters they would go along with the US plan to deploy THAAD in their community.  But the people rebelled and held a mass funeral march to resign en mass from the ruling party.  They then quickly joined the peace movement and THAAD has become a dominant issue in South Korea.

The plan is now to organize the 2nd nationwide peace action (the first one drew more than 5,000 people) in Seongju on April 8, the same day the Global Network meets in Huntsville, Alabama where THAAD is currently being developed.

You don't have to understand Korean to watch this moving video......

THAAD is also deployed in Guam and will soon be flight tested from pristine fishing village Kodiak Island, Alaska.



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