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Friday, April 08, 2016

Who is Qualified?

Things are heating up between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.  As Sanders has closed the gap between their two campaigns in recent weeks Hillary has increasingly gone negative in response.

It is good to see Sanders respond by telling deeper truths about Hillary Clinton who is nothing more than a corporate puppet posing as a democrat.  

Due to the more than 700 'super delegate' party apparatchiks pledged to Clinton it still remains unlikely that Sanders can win the nomination.  The entire structure of the 'Democratic Party' is aligned against Sanders - the reason the 'super delegates' were created in the first place is to ensure that someone like Sanders does not ever win the nomination.  It is a rigged game but one most give credit where credit is due - the Sanders campaign has persevered so far largely due to his young supporters.

The obvious problem for Clinton and the Democrats is that they are alienating an entire generation of emerging young activists.  What incentive will young voters have to vote for Clinton if the 'Democrats' successfully hand her the nomination?  The corporate media is also working overtime to ensure that Clinton prevails.

I hope that Sanders can defeat Clinton - I'm fed up with the unofficial Bush and Clinton 'royalty' in the US.  Their sense of entitlement is a total detriment to real democracy.  Plus Clinton is crazy as shit.

In the end if Clinton gets the nomination it will be more than interesting to see if Sanders endorses Hillary.  How could he?

How could people who worked so hard on the Sanders campaign sit back and watch the corporate 'super delegates' and the extreme media deliver the goods for Hillary and then turn around and vote for her?  I can't begin to imagine.....


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