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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

One More Show

I taped my 131st public access TV program (This Issue) today with guest Lisa Savage from Solon, Maine.  Lisa is one of the great activists in our state, and a high school teacher as well, so it was fun to have her on the show.  She's very articulate and knows how to say alot in a short period of time which makes her a perfect guest.

Lisa has recently created a new group called the Maine Natural Guard.  She's put a pledge on the web site asking people to promise they will make the connections between climate change and the fact that the Pentagon has the largest carbon bootprint on the planet.  She urges people also to pledge that they will call for the conversion of the military industrial complex so that we can retool our domestic infrastructure around solar, wind, rail, tidal power, energy conservation and more.

I first heard the expression Natural Guard back in the 1980's when a peace group in South Carolina used the words as they were organizing to get the public to pay attention to the environmental mess that resulted from the Department of Energy nuclear bomb plant at Savannah River.  I've been trying to keep the idea alive since then and am so happy that Lisa has done something really creative with the expression.  We need to offer solutions and the Natural Guard surely is a good one!

We had a great crew working in the Harpswell studio today that included Dan Ellis, Peter Woodruff and Regis Tremblay.  One of the two studio cameras went on the fritz in the middle of the show but thanks to the quick thinking of Dan and Regis we kept humming along with just one camera covering the interview.

I started doing this public access TV program in late 2003 and it now plays on 15 local Maine stations and I occasionally hear that This Issue has been picked up by some local communities across the nation.  You can watch past shows by clicking here

Top photo by Regis Tremblay - bottom one by Lisa Savage


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