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Thursday, September 04, 2014


NATO pushes its "member" states to increase military spending as the global alliance turns Russia and China into enemies and reinvigorates war in Iraq.

NATO fits the term of war machine now more than ever.


Anonymous Ed(itor) said...

Some people -- like you and others, and me -- have always understood that the slowly-encroaching missile shield around Eurasia is a first-strike weapon masquerading as a defensive measure. Since the days of the Reagan-era Cold War, we've known that aggressive defensive measures (back then it was the idea of moving people out of cities to the countryside, and using civilian hospitals to care for victims of battlefield i.e. "limited" nukes) only serves to make the opponent nervous. Like having a duel with the barrels of the weapons pressed against each other's temples...


Russian General Urges Preemptive Nuclear Strike Doctrine Against U.S. and

9/4/14, 8:48 PM  
Anonymous Ed(itor) said...

However, he added, a simple and close review of the source web-site "dark" reveals it to be highly questionable, perhaps "cognitive infiltration" or "agit-prop" of a governmental or "rich political animal" nature.

9/4/14, 9:19 PM  

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