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Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Z-man blast from the past



A young Zelensky defending Russian interests in the Donbass Region of eastern Ukraine.

So how did Z-man get from that point in the video to where he is today running around the globe trashing Russia and demanding more money and weapons? And refusing serious peace negotiations!

Essentially destroying his own nation and sending hundreds of thousands of his own people into the meat grinder. Grabbing very young men off the streets of Ukraine and forcing them into the army.

Two thoughts - first the loaded gun against his head which is being held by his Nazi backers from western Ukraine. Secondly the obvious bribes/extortion money that he and his cronies have received from his US-UK-NATO backers. 

Seymour Hersh writes that Z-man and buddies have pocketed $400 million. That's not small change.

It is said he has an expensive villa in Italy, a nice joint in Miami Beach and who knows where else. His Swiss bank account is likely bulging at the seams.

At some point Z-man becomes expendable to his current western backers.

It's a sad story no doubt.

All blamed on Russia of course.

For a deeper historical perspective check out this Harper's Magazine story entitled Why Are We in Ukraine? On the dangers of American hubris.



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