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Sunday, May 14, 2023

Canceling WW2 history



 The reason why they want to cancel the anniversary of the victory over Nazism

By Manlio Dinucci (Grandangolo, Italy)

A major political-media operation is underway at an international level to cancel the Anniversary of the Victory over Nazism. President Putin's speech at the May 9 Military Parade in Moscow, on the 78th Anniversary of the Victory, was presented in the West as a low-key speech without revealing its real content. In Latvia and other eastern countries, the police identified and even arrested those who paid tribute to those killed in the war against Nazism. 

In Ukraine, in the commemoration of the Anniversary of the Victory over Nazism, an absolute ban and threat of arrest or worse has been imposed. At the same time, the action to eradicate everything Russian intensifies. Monuments commemorating the price paid by Russia to liberate Europe and the world from Nazism are being destroyed – in Ukraine, Latvia, and other Eastern European countries: 27 million people died, over half of them were civilians corresponding to 15% of the population (compared to the 0.3% loss of the US in all of WWII); about 5 million people were deported to Germany; over 1,700 cities and large towns, 70,000 small villages were devastated; 30,000 factories were destroyed.


In Latvia, the 550,000 Russian speakers, who compose over a quarter of the population, are denied the right to use their own language, imposing a difficult Latvian exam on them: those who do not pass it are expelled from the country. This occurs despite the fact that Latvia is a member of the European Union, which guarantees minorities the right to express themselves in their own language.

The EU has done more: it has decreed that the 9th of May is “Europe Day”. Ursula von der Leyen went to celebrate it in Kyiv to "demonstrate that the European Union stands by Ukraine which is fighting for the ideals of Europe that we celebrate today". She told this to President Zelenski, who just signed a law to erase any Russian symbols from Ukraine, thereby erasing Ukraine's own history. At the same time, the Ukrainian Supreme Court ruled that the symbols of the SS Galicia division, which was guilty of horrendous crimes, are not Nazi and can therefore also be used today in demonstrations.


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