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Tuesday, May 02, 2023

Remembering Odessa massacre by Nazis - May 2, 2014



On May 2, 2016 (2 years after the massacre at the Odessa Trades Union Hall in Ukraine) Regis Tremblay, Phil Wilayto and I went to stand with the Mothers of the Disappeared at their invitation as they memorialized these sad events. They called for an international investigation and prosecution of those who committed these crimes. To this day no one has ever been charged or prosecuted for their dastardly actions.

I watched these events in near real time on the Internet and since 2014 have been daily following events in Ukraine. For years I tried to get people in the 'peace movement' to pay attention to events in eastern Ukraine but to no avail.

As we now understand a full fledged war has engulfed Ukraine. I can say that the Russian government tried very hard for years to get US-UK-NATO to stop its support for the Nazi onslaught against the Russian-ethnic people of the Donbass  region in eastern Ukraine.

We recently have heard from the leaders of Ukraine, Germany and France that they intentionally ignored the Minsk Agreements that called for a federated Ukraine that would have given the Russian-ethnic citizens of Donbass local autonomy still within the Ukrainian nation.

Now we hear Ukraine saying that they will fight to the last soldier to recover these territories in eastern Ukraine that voted last year to become part of the Russian Federation. But clearly the US-UK-NATO blocked any real diplomatic resolution to this crisis that was obviously created and led by the west. The reason? Western nations want regime change in Russia and were not going to be deterred until they got what they wanted.

Russia showed remarkable patience by continuing from 2014 to 2022 before they finally made the decision to militarily intervene to protect the lives of those living in the Donbass. During those years the Ukrainian military (led by Nazi death squads) killed over 15,000 Russian-ethnic citizens in the Donbass and wounded more than 34,000. 


It has become more than clear to me over the years that the US-UK-NATO always wanted a full-blown war with Russia so they could attempt to destroy its economy with sanctions, force regime change, and then break Russia up into smaller nations in order to steal its vast resource base.

Don't we know by now that all US-UK-NATO wars in the last 30-some years have been about grabbing resources in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, and Libya?

For those that continue to ignore these realities they in a sense have become complicit with the US-UK-NATO warmongers that are now pushing the world into a possible nuclear abyss. Imagine the pure insanity as the west today wages war on Russia and at the same time is preparing to do the same to China.

I am proud of the work I've done with a handful of others since 2014 to attempt to wake people up to the reality of this immoral murderous war policy concocted by the US-UK-NATO. 

It's more than sad that many still refuse to see the truth.



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