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Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Training Nazis in Canada


Cold War Canada: Ongoing state support for East European √©migr√© groups 

with deep fascist roots

By Richard Sanders (COAT)

On February 27, 2022, Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland proudly tweeted this image below of her holding a fascist red-and-black banner at a rally against Russia's invasion to deNazify/demilitarize Ukraine. This Blood and Soil banner, at a protest of the gov't-created, proNATO Ukrainian Canadian Congress (UCC) in Toronto, was the official battle flag of Stepan Bandera's Ukrainian Insurgent Army. 

Under this banner, and the "Slava Ukraini" slogan, Bandera's army aided the Holocaust with political- and ethnic-cleansing programs that killed countless Jews, Poles, Russians and Ukrainian communists. Bandera's Russophobic, antisemitic, white-power army assisted Nazi Germany for much of WWII. They even kept waging their terrorist campaigns against the Soviets until the early 1960s.


The Canadian government has funded and otherwise supported Banderite cult groups in this country since giving safe haven to many thousands of Nazi collaborators after WWII. Canada's Banderites are primarily represented by the League of Ukrainian Canadians (LUC), the Ukrainian Youth Assoc. and the UCC. The UCC, whose leadership has been dominated by LUC Banderites for decades, has groomed Freeland since at least 1990 when she was lionized by Ukrainian nationalists, the Canadian government, and corporate mass media after being identified as a "banderite enemy of the Soviet people" by the USSR government because she interfered in Soviet Ukraine's elections.

LUC, the UCC and other Canadian government-funded ethno-nationalist Ukrainian emigre groups still glorify Bandera and revere the veterans of his UPA, as well as the Nazi armed and led Waffen SS Galicia, as if they were "freedom fighters." Canadian government finances the right-wing Ukrainian diaspora's cultural centres, programs, parades and monuments which still shamelessly celebrate their fascist founders, leaders and war heroes.

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