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Thursday, August 04, 2022

Read the corporate media 'upside down'



I remember quite well, at the time of the collapse of the former Soviet Union, hearing a story about Pravda which was one of the leading newspapers at the time. 

Pravda means truth in Russian. The story went like this: If you want to really know what is happening in the country then you have to read Pravda 'upside down'. 

So in the west - where the Empire of Lies rules - we need to follow that example and learn to view our corporate controlled media upside down.

The lies in the media are endless. Whether it is NPR, BBC, New York Times, Washington Post or any of the mainstream TV networks - the story is always written by the CIA and Wall Street banksters that actually run most of the western countries.

Stories about the economy (especially in relation to failed sanctions on Russia), war in Ukraine, Pelosi's trip to China (even so-called 'Democracy Now' had a person on the show to support current US policy on Taiwan), climate crisis, Covid (which I believe was a bio-warfare weapon), or the day-to-day workings of our government in Washington. Virtually all lies - every day - 24/7.

Nothing but half-truths, deception, distortion.

Just take the US-NATO's favorite clown-boy Zelensky in Ukraine. There has been more western media promotion of this paid actor than anything else I've seen in my life. Despite the fact that Ukraine is losing this war badly (that was created by Washington and Brussels) the corporate media continues to say that Russia is losing and that Ukraine is 'poised' to begin a counter-offensive and secure victory against the bear. Of course it is all BS.  

Alternative media outlets and journalists who try to bring us the truth are increasingly de-platformed.

In the western media we don't hear about the massive numbers of working class and poor people in prison in the US. We rarely ever hear about Julian Assange or other political prisoners in US jails. We never hear investigative stories about the obscene profit$ of the military industrial complex. We never hear about corporate corruption and oligarchs funding of 'selected leaders' in Washington. How often do we get stories about the growing homeless crisis?

We don't hear about how the banksters control most of the governments in the west. One such example is Mario Draghi in Italy who is a former director and vice president of Goldman Sachs. We don't hear how Harvard, Yale, Oxford are used to select and train the coming generations of corporate lackeys.

We never hear about how the courts in the US are packed with corporate controlled judges. Thus no real justice for the people.

We don't hear about the US's more than 800 military bases around the world and the negative impacts from those military outposts. The environmental damages, the killing they do, the bars and prostitution, the drugs that are shipped into the bases, nor the massive waste of taxpayer dollars. All hidden from the public consciousness.

Washington talks alot about 'freedom and democracy'. Pelosi had those words dripping from her mouth during her arrogant foray into Taiwan this week. But the US version of freedom should be defined as 'freedom to rob, plunder, destroy like pirates for the benefit of the ruling oligarchs'. That message will never be reported in the western media.

Our own liberation begins when we first understand how we have been brainwashed our entire lives. Then from there we must learn to decipher how the media wraps the truth in lies and buries it so that the public never has any real chance to know what is happening in our world. 

Only when we develop the skill to turn the corporate media upside down can we hope to truly be free human beings.



Blogger Richard B said...

'Democracy Now' has become a CIA asset. A few months ago they were cheerleading for the rat Navalny...

8/4/22, 6:40 PM  

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