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Monday, August 01, 2022

Former Taiwan Vice President: 'following the bidding of U.S. is the path of war'


Former Taiwan Vice President, Annette Lu Hsiu-lien Xiulian spoke the most honest voice from her heart ...

Annette Lu Hsiu-lien warned the 'Commander-in-Chief' of Taiwan: Other people's children will be killed because of you. Ukraine has a president who agrees with the United States. As a result, the country is brought to war, millions of people are displaced, and then the responsibility is placed on the aggression of Russia.

Yes, what we see on the surface is that Russia invaded Ukraine, but the origin of the war, who caused Russia to fight this war in the first instance?

Today it is Ukraine. 'Tomorrow will be Taiwan'. When the time comes, you, high-ranking officials on the political stage, where will you be?

Think about it, do you have to go to war? Those weird voters, voting for someone to send themselves to the battlefield to fight a war that wasn't meant to be fought.

Ukraine's economic adviser to the President, Ustenko said a few days ago that Ukraine has asked the Group of Seven (G7) to provide US $50 billion in financial support and is considering issuing zero-coupon bonds to help make up for war-related losses in the next six months budget deficit. Half a year later, supposing the Ukrainian war was won, the astronomical demand for rebuilding the ruins is difficult to estimate. There are 40 million people in Ukraine, 10 million people are refugees, 400,000 people are beggars living on the streets, and the four generations of old, middle-aged and young people who are alive now will no longer have a happy life. It will take 20 years for Ukraine to rebuild the country. At the pre-war level, 20 years of reconstruction, 20 years of stagnation, and a further 40 years of stagnation.

Post-war Ukraine, where to work, where to sleep, how to rebuild, how to survive, who will help them? If you want to know the future life in Ukraine, then go to Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan after the war. The Iraq war ended for 30 years. What is the street in Baghdad now? How many beggars are there in the streets of Afghanistan and Syria now, and who will help them? Iraq still has oil, what does Ukraine have?

That is to say, the Ukrainians used its 40 million living and dead people to create the "brilliant image" of the Ukrainian President.

Zelensky won warm applause in the US Congress, the British Parliament and the Japanese Parliament, and became the anti-Russian hero of the Western camp, but what price did the 40 million Ukrainian people pay?

What I want to express is: an important content of Sun Wu's view of war: the purpose of war is to "protect oneself and win completely". It is difficult to achieve 100 victories in a hundred battles. If you win all of them, you will be victorious. If you kill 10,000 enemies, you will lose 3,000. If you win, you will suffer a lot of losses.

Zelensky is a hero, but he is still a fool. He should accept it as soon as he sees it, instead of relying on the uneasy and good-hearted war support of the West. Maybe he hasn't figured out what medicine is sold in American gourds!

The victory of the Ukrainian war is a victory for the Americans - NOT Ukraine. The Ukrainian country will be riddled with holes and the people's life will be set back for 40 years. Even if there is a victory, it will be too bitter!

We think of Taiwan, which has the same fate. There are 23 million people in Taiwan, and 8.7 million people choose Tsai Ing-wen. In Ukraine, the people can run into neighbouring countries who will accept them as refugees. Where will Taiwanese run to as refugees except on the high seas? Taiwan's politicians, media, and the Internet have portrayed Tsai Ing-wen as a tough image of a 'hot Taiwanese lady'. The path you take, and following the bidding of United States is the path of war, everything must have a cause and effect, because you are walking the path of war, so you will usher in the consequences of the war in Taiwan.

~ Annette Lu Hsiu-lien will be jointly launching a parade with the theme of "Peace and Love Taiwan".


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Exceptional commentary and not to be ignored by any stretch of the imagination.

8/4/22, 2:09 AM  

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