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Friday, November 12, 2021

What happened at Santa Susana Field Lab?


 In 1959, the Santa Susana Field Lab experienced an unconfined partial meltdown which resulted in what many now consider to be the worst nuclear disaster in United States history. Yet, it remained concealed from the public eye for twenty years. 

Now, with surrounding communities seeing a 60% increase in cancer rates, residents, including Melissa Bumstead, who's young daughter has been suffering from a rare cancer for years, are demanding a full cleanup of the site. 

Through her journey to discover the truth about her daughter’s illness, the once timid mother speaks out, carrying the Simi Valley Hillside community on her shoulders, to the steps of Washington D.C.

The feature documentary, directed by Nicholas Mihm, airs Sunday, November 14th at 10pm ET on MSNBC.

~ The contamination lives on today. See this Radioactive microparticles related to the Woolsey Fire in Simi Valley, CA


Blogger said...

The conduct of the federal government with respect to taking steps to prevent, contain, report, and clean-up nuclear and toxic waste incidents remains the same today as in July 16, 1945. The down winders every where, especially New Mexico continue to seek truth, compensation, and accountibility of the NNSA, NASA, DOD, DOE, and the Dept. of the Interior (EPA and OSHA).
Veterans For Peace is a leader in this effort. Join us!

11/17/21, 10:37 AM  

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