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Thursday, November 11, 2021

War for what in Mali?


Orban don’t send Hungarian soldiers to Mali – Mobilisation of the HCP

With the slogan 'Orban don’t send soldiers to Mali', the Hungarian Community for Peace (HCP) is mobilising for the defense of the lives of the Hungarian soldiers and the honor of the Hungarian Nation.

HCP informed the Press on November 11 that a Demo will be held on November 20 at 11 a.m. in Kossuth Square, waiting for all those who do not want the lives of Hungarian soldiers to be sacrificed for foreign interests


"Wasn't Afghanistan enough?", one of their slogans sounds, referring to the fact that seven Hungarian soldiers came home from the Asian country in coffins. According to their additional slogan, "Hungarian soldier stay home!" and "Hasn't enough Hungarian blood flowed beyond our borders yet?" 

The Peace Community also stands up for the protection of the honor of the Hungarian Nation. Hungary is not a colonialist country, do not militarily help France, whose soldiers, according to the Prime Minister of Mali, are undesirable in the African country. 

HCP condemns that the government, with the approval of the parliament, will triple the number of the Hungarian contingent stationed in Mali.



The President of the Peace Community addressed an open letter to the Prime Minister of Mali, Choguel Kokalla Maiga, on Wednesday. In it, he called the Hungarian military action contrary to the interests of Mali and Hungary and to international law. He assured the Malian prime minister of HCP political and moral support in his struggle to restore the country's independence and territorial integrity as well as the national control over the resources and minerals of the country.

"The Hungarian Community for Peace strongly condemns the sending of Hungarian troops to your country. All the more so as they were requested to be sent there by a country whose soldiers are themselves in Mali illegally”,  the HCP letter to the Prime Minister of Mali stated.  

~ Endre Simó is the president of Hungarian Community for Peace (HCP)


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