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Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Must watch videos: Global Network presentations during Glasgow People's Summit


On November 7 the Global Network was part of a COP26 People's Summit webinar (along with Veterans For Peace and the National Priorities Project) entitled 'US militarism, space tech and climate crisis'.
The GN was represented by two of our members who made excellent presentations. They were: 

  • GN board member Koohan Paik-Mander (Hawaii) focused on Pentagon plans to expand military operations in the Pacific in order to encircle and dominate China with more military bases. She dramaticly showed how a 'high-speed kill web' will reign terror on Earth via space technology. Koohan revealed that US war games in the Pacific region are currently having huge lethal impacts on sea life. This marine holocaust she reports will be called 'the smart ocean'.  You can watch her important 14-minute talk above.
  • GN member Lisa Savage (leader of the Maine Natural Guard) titled her talk 'Nothing to See Here: Information Control & Perception Management Around Climate Impact of Space Programs'.  A long-time communications activist, Lisa outlines how the US 'manages information' in order to sell the militarization of space. She asks why there is so much silence about the climate impacts of militarized space? Lisa illustrates in detail how the Pentagon is not concerned about its impacts on climate crisis but instead is working to 'manage the unavoidable'. You can watch her 19-minute video presentation below.


You can also view the entire webinar (with all five speakers) here


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