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Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Hungarian Community for Peace on Refugee Crisis



The West caused its own refugee crisis
Resolution of the Hungarian Community for Peace

The relentless flow of refugees from North Africa, the Balkans and the East shows that the Western powers do not want to cope with the consequences of their imperial policies, migration. They are reluctant to acknowledge that migration cannot be stopped without ensuring normal living conditions in the country of refugees. 

The West does not want to give up the resources it owes to its wealth and prosperity at the cost of impoverishing others. He drinks the juice of his colonial and new colonial policies, endangering the security of allies who have nothing to do with colonization or migration caused by oppression, wars, or destruction. 


The recent extraordinary meeting of the Prime Ministers of the Visegrad Four in Budapest clearly reflected the vulnerability of Eastern Europe to the consequences of migration. The whip of flawed Western politics is snapping at us. The center uses Poland, Lithuania and Hungary as a buffer zone to protect itself and its prosperity. Yet the refugee crisis cannot be solved by raising new walls! All walls can be bypassed and demolished. Bridges would be needed instead of walls! Cooperation is needed instead of confrontation. 

It must be seen that the East does not take on the consequences of the West's bankruptcy policy, does not sustain, does not settle migrants instead of the West, but rather helps them get where they want to go.
It is feared that if they are admitted, more will come. If, on the other hand, they are not allowed in, they could besiege the western borders. We are already witnessing this situation. The solution would have been obvious, but for that we should cooperate with the East, not to succumb to blind anti-Russian and anti-Belarusian hatred, pursue a policy of sanctions and threatening. 



NATO itself is not suitable for this solution, as migration cannot be stopped by military means. This would pour oil on the fire. So what can be done? Choose between wall or bridge construction! 

For a migrant to stay at home, we need to help rebuild their homeland! It costs money. Lots of money. Not as much as the empire took from the subjugated peoples, but the prosperity of the West would also suffer. The West is trapped in its own politics! The way out would be equal cooperation, as wall and barbed wire are only seemingly cheaper than a perpetual state of siege of which we Eastern Europeans could become the main victims.

The Hungarian Community for Peace sees the solution to the refugee crisis in the West's involvement in the reconstruction of the war-torn Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya. 

Above all, you must respect human rights, the right of others to a life worthy of human being! The EU needs to get out of the impasse, even if it costs a lot! It would be good not only for yourself but also for the world to finally move towards equal international cooperation instead of a policy of confrontation.

Budapest, 28 November 2021


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