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Saturday, August 21, 2021

Some snaps from Maine's coastline

A truly wonderful art gallery & tourist trap. Lots of great stuff - had to restrain myself.

Wild turkeys

One of our highlights was to take a 'Puffin watch cruise' to try to see the endangered seabird. Most of them have already left the small island where they summer but we got to see a couple of them. After the birds leave the island they don't touch land again for four months - living at sea the entire time. They are magical birds and I deeply appreciate the efforts underway to help them make a come back. But challenges still remain as their primary source of food, Atlantic herring, are declining due to over fishing.

MB and I went to New Harbor, Maine for a week get-a-way. It is about an hour from where we live in Bath and a lovely place.

We rented in a room inside a very old house within stone's throw of the harbor and a couple minutes walk to the rocky coastline.

We spent our time sleeping late, walking each day, visiting various sites and of course eating our share of seafood. We ran into a friend and her young son twice in different coastal villages which was quite remarkable. 

We both did alot of reading - I polished off one book entitled The Devil is in the Details: Alan Dale with Malcolm Blunt on the Assassination of President Kennedy.

If you are into the JFK story then I highly recommend this book.

Be sure to click on the photos above for a better view. Most of them were taken in the Pemaquid area.



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