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The collapsing US military & economic empire is making Washington & NATO even more dangerous. US could not beat the Taliban but thinks it can take on China-Russia-Iran...a sign of psychopathology for sure.

Tuesday, August 03, 2021

If you're interested in China....



I highly recommend this discussion about China - and the ridiculous Washington policy towards the 'Indo-Pacific' region. 

  • The white Anglo-oligarchs in the US and the EU are more than desperate as they witness their declining influence and control over much of the world. They've fucked it all up. War, climate crisis, greed and pillaging of the working people and the poor. Disrespect of other nations sovereignty. It's a violation of the spirit of life. It must come to an end now. And what then is put in capitalism's place? What is the likely move of Mr. Big as the mega-machine tries vainly to hold onto power - both here at home and globally.
  • Joe Biden sent Wendy Sherman to China. Her orders were to lecture the Chinese on morality and 'rules of the road'. Washington loves that phrase - rules of the road. Who wrote them? Show me them on paper please. They are rules that shift when the US says so. Washington does not do international law anymore.

Sherman is the Deputy Secretary of State since April 2021. (She is a foreign policy 'specialist' that comes out of the Harvard system. The same Harvard that was largely created with money made by the eastern (Boston-New York) blue-bloods during the evil opium trade that kept the Chinese subjugated. Britain had fought two wars in favour of the opium trade in the 19th Century, crushing Chinese efforts to halt its importation, largely from India.)

  • In the video Alexander Mercouris dissects the US State Department 'Official Read Out' of what it claims happened at the recent meeting in Tianjin.  Mercouris has studied both the Chinese and US documents. They don't always jive.

As it turns out Wendy Sherman says she was in talks with Foreign Minister Wang Yi.  (Yi has been the foreign minister since March 2013.)

  • According to Mercouris the Chinese had Sherman have diplomatic talks with a lower level foreign policy representative. In the US version of the Readout it claimed that Sherman met with Wang Li. The Chinese know the US is not interested in real dialogue. The US-NATO want control and domination. So China knows there were not really any serious proposals on the table for negotiation. Moscow maintains the US-NATO war machine is 'agreement averse'. 

The US State Department sent out a news release saying that Sherman 'met' Wang Li. She didn't actually negotiate with him. Wang Yi knows he'd be wasting his time. As Wang Yi aptly put it, "If the United States has not got the knack of how to get along with other countries on an equal footing by now, then it is our responsibility, together with the international community, to give the US the missed class."

  • The US is trying to convince the rest of the world that Washington-Brussels is still in the game. But the game is changing.

  • So does the US-NATO really think they can win a war against China, Russia, Iran and more? After a string of debacles in Korea, Vietnam, Cuba, Yugoslavia, Libya, Iraq, and Afghanistan does Wall Street and the military industrial complex think they can pull off a miracle and beat Beijing and Moscow?
  • It's supreme ignorance, arrogance, incompetence, and spiritual death. The US is a violent and broken culture. Just look at most of the movies playing in US theaters. Dark, dirty, violent and lifeless. A picture with no hope, joy, beauty or love. 
  • In the end Mercouris asks if the US or China are bluffing about war. You decide for yourself.



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