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Saturday, August 07, 2021

Comply or be demonized?


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I have not taken the covid vax jab.

I don't trust the corporate agenda nor the US biological warfare program centered at Ft. Detrick in Maryland.

I do believe the virus is real - created by the Pentagon and passed on to other labs including Wuhan, China by Dr. Fauci's corrupt hands.

How did covid get leaked and where did it first emerge? Or did it happen in many places around the world simultaneously? I have no idea.

Is the global corporate agenda pushing vaccine passports? Absolutely.

Why? For social control.

Is Mr. Big trying to thin out global population? Could be - along with bad national healthcare in many nations - like in the US.

Are the global corporate oligarchs making big money off the vax and lock-downs? Of course they are.

Is it wrong to discuss covid, the vax and passports in public?  If you believe in democracy then it is fine to debate/discuss this huge life changing situation. If you are a closet corporatist then no, you are likely to want to shut down debate and conform with directives from on-high? What could be wrong with being inquisitive and wanting to get more information - from many different sources? Especially when lives are in the balance. One does not have to believe everything one reads/hears. But more info is a good thing.

Is it right for people to be afraid? Of course, we have no idea what is coming in the months and years ahead. But we should not allow ourselves to become frozen by fear, and manipulated by the corporate owned media. Think for yourself and talk to people about what is going on. 

No one knows everything that is currently happening - no matter which side of the street they are standing on.

Treat each other with respect - no matter what they think. Honor the life in one another.



Blogger Soldier Say No! said...

I am disappointed to see you casting doubts on getting vaccinated against Covid-19, Bruce, right at the time when it is more important than ever to do so. Questions about the virus's origins and Big Pharma profiteering aside, the vaccines have proven to be remarkably effective.

Almost all those currently hospitalized with Covid-19 are unvaccinated, with the largest demographic being 18-49.

Progressives should encourage people to get vaccinated. And we should push for the vaccines to be made widely and cheaply available in the poor countries of the Global South.

We should not allow ideology or general mistrust of government to lead us astray at this critical moment. Four million people have already died of Covid-19.

According to medical scientists in Russia, China, Cuba, the U.S. and many other countries, the best way to reduce infection, hospitalizations and deaths are to get vaccinated, to wear masks and to socially distance when possible.

Keep on Waging Peace!
Gerry Condon

8/7/21, 1:03 PM  
Blogger Bruce K. Gagnon said...

I'm not telling anyone what they should do. My wife and son have taken the vaccine. I have no problem with them doing so. But I'm continually having good discussions with both of them and other friends on both sides of the issue as well.
That is all I am asking for is that we don't blindly follow corporate media that we know has lied to us repeatedly for years about many important issues of our time.
People should do what they need to do but not demonize folks (on either side of the issues).
Respect others decisions.

8/7/21, 1:21 PM  
Anonymous Jon Olsen said...

Gerry, Clearly you have not seen the videos nor read the urgent appeals of dissident doctors and those with PhD's in the related fields of microbiology desperately trying to be heard, only to be censored heavily by corporate media. We honor Dan Ellsberg,Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden for taking the big risk to tell the truth. We need to be honoring those in the medical profession who are doing the same.
I have followed this issue intensely for over a year, digesting many dozens of reports that contradict the medical industrial complex, the government agencies, and their lapdog spokespeople in media. People with impeccable credentials, Dr. Peter McCullough being one, Dr. Meryl Nass another, who are now convinced these injections are highly dangerous. Real science, as well as respect for our fellow humans as Bruce asks, should encourage everyone to dig deeper. What if the injections really ARE the big bio-weapons, primed for use by the fear of the covid bio-weapons?

8/8/21, 10:48 PM  

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