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Thursday, March 18, 2021

Short film by Bill Park



A taste of Florida and space politics in this original short film by artist and late friend Bill Park.

He wrote and directed the production and put an advert in the Central Florida Actors newsletter seeking volunteers to act and shoot this film.  Folks signed up and he made this great piece about a woman invited to a Global Network peace in space protest. 

She faces multiple obstacles.....

For many years Bill was hired by the American Bar Association to design the cover of their prestigious monthly magazine. 

In his early years Bill often got his cartoons into The New Yorker magazine but by the 1990's many of these mainstream opportunities for his art work dried up. He then turned to the creation of a syndicated cartoon series called 'Off the leash' which ran for a few years but his increasingly political views on issues caught up with him and that project faded as well.  

It was sometime in the early 2000's that Bill told me, "You are the only one using any of my art anymore." I of course told him that I would always be ready to use anything he sent me.  

Often times if I had a particular need for an image we'd talk about a design idea and then we'd go back and forth until we were both happy with it.

Bill was the consummate pro.

God, am I ever going to miss this in peace dear friend.



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