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Friday, March 12, 2021

A great new film



We watched this new film last night via YouTube (had to pay to play). It is a really excellent movie and I highly recommend it.

It's a true story based on the book by a man from Mauritania who was held in Guantanamo, Cuba by the US for about 14 years - never charged, but continually tortured to get a 'confession'.

His legal team stuck with him until he was finally released.

And still today the US holds 40 innocent people in that damn prison. Talk about human rights abuses for the past 19 years at Guantanamo!

It's interesting how the US is always so critical of other nations for abusing human rights but has no shame continuing to lead the world in war making and massive violations of human rights.

This film is a clear picture of the US's fascist ways.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Guantanamo is a travesty. Thank you for highlighting such an important film. So glad it got made at all.

3/13/21, 7:55 AM  

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