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Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Elon's Gone to Mars



Tom Neilson lives in western Massachusetts and is a great singer/songwriter. He has done another excellent song - just in time for the virtual explosion of space issues into the global consciousness.

Tom just published 'Elon's Gone to Mars' and it is #1 on the Acoustic chart at Soundclick

Over the years Tom has done several songs that illustrated our work around Bath Iron Works here in Maine. He also wrote the campaign song for Lisa Savage's US Senate run last November against Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) who ended up being reelected. Lisa ran as an Independent and spoke out for all the issues that Tom sings about and the rest of us work so hard to deal with.

He's several times done concerts in Maine and before covid came along Tom was regularly touring the country doing what he loves - performing songs about the real things going on in our world.  His creative and courageous lyrics, and excellent voice, bring his stories to life every time.

Tom grew up on a dairy farm in New York.  He shoots hoops regularly and brags about his 3-point prowess. (I say that as a joke, it's really a point of pride for him to illustrate his recovery from a bad accident.) He knows hard work and understands the cycles of life.  He paints touching images with his lyrics and music. 

Thanks Tom for sharing the load.



Blogger Regis said...

Love Tom...he also wrote a great song for my film, Thirty Seconds to Midnight.

3/30/21, 8:11 AM  

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