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Wednesday, March 17, 2021

One of the best is gone.....



Will (Bill) Park has died.  He grew up in beautiful, rural, conservative and racist central Florida.  Bill was a Presbyterian but sort of gave up on religion.  He was a great artist and loved to talk politics - and knew his way around the issues quite well.  

I loved him like an older brother - that I never had - I grew up with 5 sisters. We became close in the early 1980's and he began coming to local peace events in Orlando.  Bill illustrated much of my work since then and his vision still lasts today, as relevant as ever.

His wife Evie called me today to pass on the sad news.  They were married 59 years - Bill (as I most liked to call him) loved his family so much.

We'd meet at various local BBQ joints in the greater Orlando area for a lunch quite regularly.  Living in that reactionary region gave us much to talk about during the days of the Cold War and US's military expansion into space.  Bill made many great images about space issues. We were roommates on a trip to Cuba together that I organized while working at the Florida Coalition for Peace & Justice.

So here are a few of my favorites to remember a great human being. 

Bill Park Presente!

Love you brother,


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