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Sunday, February 24, 2019

Venezuela solidarity protest in Brunswick

Click on any of the photos for a better view

We had 50 folks turn out in Brunswick yesterday along the town green (covered in snow) for our local action along with hundreds of protests worldwide in solidarity with Venezuela's sovereignty.

I borrowed a small portable sound system from a friend and we asked people to share their thoughts.  Quite a few spoke up.  Then we walked toward downtown and back to increase our visibility.  The primary spot we stood was just across the street from the entrance to the grocery store so there was alot of traffic - and quite a good number of honks.

One of our speakers called out NPR (National Petroleum Radio) for their slavish reporting of government lies - always reading the memos it seems from the CIA and the Pentagon.  People are so fed up with corporate dominated media these days - it's like an epidemic of disgust.

There was another protest in Maine yesterday - in Belfast two hours to the north.  Here is a photo below from there.  The rest of the photos above were snapped by Peter Robbins from Sedgewick and Roger Leisner from Augusta.

Thanks to all who turned out around the state.  The public is skeptical of one more Washington regime change attempt - particularly when Venezuela has the largest supply of oil in the world.  But unless we get out on the street most people will feel isolated and figure no one else thinks like they do.  That's why so many honked their horns at us - they were thanking us for letting them see they are not alone and crazy.

Keep plugging away....



Blogger Unknown said...

Missed you all, thanks for the report back. I was in NYC visiting family and we took in the Frida Kahlo exhibit. Some of her political sketches done while traveling in the U.S. offered an analysis of the evil empire that is still accurate today. Income disparity, posturing oligarchs hiding behind claims of upholding democracy, and the Statue of Liberty bowed by the weight of the bags of gold around her neck -- not much has changed since the 1930's.

2/24/19, 11:27 AM  

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