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Thursday, February 21, 2019

I can only say Wow!

When have you ever heard an American politician say anything like this?

I heard in recent days that the Democrats, wanting to keep Tulsi out of the primary debates, have come up with a new policy to require any candidate wishing to get into the debates needing to have 63,000 individual donors.

Two days ago the Democrat party front group Daily Kos sent around an online poll of the Democrat candidates for president.  They left off Tulsi's name but had the names of three other party politicians who have not even announced for president.  So clearly the Democrats are already trying to internally steer the process to their desired outcome.

I'm not a big fan of Bernie Sanders but having just declared that he is running for president he is already being slammed by insider Dems for not supporting the Trump take down of Venezuela.  See an article on that here. 

In the last election I was often critical of Bernie Sanders who was frankly terrible on foreign policy. But I did give him his due on his domestic policies which were largely excellent. In the end I didn't vote for him.

I've not voted for a Democrat for president since Walter Mondale. I'm not likely to vote for one anytime soon either. But I am anxious to see the Democrats challenged internally by anyone willing to call them out on endless war. So I think it would be good to have Sanders and Tulsi in the debates - otherwise there will be no real discussion because the rest of the pack are pretty much all corporate approved Dems.

Thus MB and I donated to Tulsi's campaign to help ensure she gets into the debates.  There is great value in having her question US endless war policies.



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