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The collapsing US military & economic empire is making Washington & NATO even more dangerous. US could not beat the Taliban but thinks it can take on China-Russia-Iran...a sign of psychopathology for sure. We must all do more to help stop this western corporate arrogance that puts the future generations lives in despair. @BruceKGagnon

Tuesday, February 05, 2019

U.S. hates treaties - What can we do?

Americans often present themselves as arsonists and as firefighters at the same time

  • When you believe that you are god's chosen people then fair play, treaties and international law mean nothing.  Might makes right.  The gun is to be used at will. Democracy is just an easy phrase to throw around when needed to justify the mafia-like foreign policy of this corporate criminal nation. 
  • Following the US move to suspend its obligations under INF treaty, the Russian Defence Ministry said that Washington started preparations for the production of medium- and short-range missiles prohibited under the INF deal two years before accusing Moscow of violating the accord. The Russian Defence Ministry has released satellite images of Raytheon Corporation’s plant [in Arizona], saying the facility has been prepared for the production of missiles prohibited under the INF deal. 
  • Russia has a no first use policy - so nuclear war only likely starts after a US first-strike attack. The US Space Command has been annually war gaming such an attack on Russia and China for years. After the US launches the first-strike nuclear sword in the war game, Russia and China respond with their retaliatory strikes. It is then that Pentagon 'missile defense' (MD) shield is used to pick off what Washington thinks would be a limited response - giving the US a 'successful' first-strike. The US has long refused to rule out first-use. Washington pulled out of the ABM Treaty with Russia that outlawed these MD shield systems in 2002 under George W. Bush. The Pentagon is today encircling Russia and China with MD systems based at sea and on land. Now Trump wants to put MD systems in space too.  Imagine the cost$.
  • I sent around an email the other day outlining the US pull-out from the INF Treaty.  One person wrote me and said he was tired of hearing about the problems - he wanted to know what we could do about it. I suggested to him that many people don't know anything about the INF Treaty and that we always must start with education.  Then for sure action is needed.  So below I've posted some ideas of things people can do.  Are any of them the 'magic bullet'?  No, there is no such thing. Send me your ideas as well and I'll post them.
* Stop watching mainstream media.  Read and listen to more alternative media sources.  Pay more attention to what protest movements around the world are saying and doing.  Read more international media - including outlets from (dare I say) Iran, Russia, China, Venezuela and more.

* Protest, protest, protest, said Susan B. Anthony.

* Teach people about the reality of nuclear war.  Peace groups did great work during the 1980-90's on that issue but an entirely new generation knows virtually nothing about nukes.

* Learn more about how space technology today coordinates all Pentagon warfare.  Share the information with others.  This website is a great resource. 

* Rebirth the Occupy movement or a new version of it.

* Key to defeating the empire is unity. It’s not a slogan, it’s a reality.  Integrate the issues - show the links so our movements are not divided. The current form of 'silo' organizing (every group/issue on their own) only plays into the ruling elites hands.

* Get out on the street where the public can see you and your protest signs & banners.  Because most people watch the corporate media they have no idea that anyone is opposed to issues like pulling out of the INF Treaty or the current Washington attempts to force regime change in Venezuela.  Be willing to risk arrest for non-violent civil resistance at military production facilities, congressional offices, on Wall Street or at resource extraction sites.

* Speak up when you see an opportunity.  Fear often keeps us quite when we should show leadership.

* Even though Congress is damn near under total corporate control still send letters to your elected officials.  It might help to slow down the empire just a bit.  We have nothing to lose in that regard.
Sign the petitions online that go to Congress.  It takes just a few seconds and helps keep some level of pressure on the hacks in Washington.

* Still write letters to the editor even though admittedly it is getting harder and harder to get them printed.  But your letter (even if not printed) might help another good letter get into the paper.  Got to keep the pressure on the media.

* When you come across an impressive article or video on the Internet share the hell out of it.  Don't assume that everyone will see it.  Be proactive.

* Defend social progress and support funding for the Green New Deal by cutting the military budget.  Find ways to push those points into the public consciousness.  Repetition is important.

* Share political art and music.  Expressions of cultural resistance often reach beyond words.

* Help globalize the resistance to corporate rule.  Make links with international movements and support one another.

* Recognize that American history is full of corporate domination/Christian fundamentalist 'exceptional nation' bullshit.  But our history is also full of people's resistance against this arrogance and deceit.  Keep the fires burning.

* Be critical of the Democrats.  Have you noticed they hate everything Trump does and then suddenly they are supporting his Venezuela take down?  Can you see that the Democrats don't want to bring our troops home from Syria and Afghanistan?  How they hell can anyone think the Democrats are 'the resistance'?  

* Stop believing that electing 'just the right next president' is going to make any difference.  What will make a difference is a non-violent revolution of values in this country that breaks the back of our current corporate domination!

* Don't accept the segregation of the generations.  Old people and young people are kept apart in the US.  We have much to learn from each other.  In Korea it is amazing how young and old work together in movements.  It gives them more power.  Bring back these human ties.

* Recognize that nothing is more important in our lives than defending our Mother Earth and the future generations.  Money, status, cars, fancy houses and job titles mean nothing to a crashing planet.  Defend the sacred. Stick-to-it-ivness is essential.

* When you are defeated don't give up.  Struggle is part of nature.  Watch the spider spin the web - failure to make a particular connection in the web means nothing to the spider.  It keeps going until the web is done.  The tide comes in and the tide goes out.  Success and failure are part of nature.  Keep going no matter what....



Blogger Unknown said...

Thank you Bruce, Below is an idea I promoted in my state. I shared widely with State Legislators, wrote to the editor of my news paper, spoke up on it at a Town Hall meeting, shared with national organizations such as Green Party, ACLY, Common Cause...etc. I found No interest and recieved two replies: The Governor's office told me to contact my state Legislator and my state Legistator told me hr had talked about it to another further comments have I recieved. My proposal was as follows:
Modify All Ballots to show ON THE BALLOT under each candidate's name for all to see when casting their vote in every election three items of information:

1) Candidates Political Party affilliation or preference.
2) Total Value of $Donations$ and Gratuities accepted from Corporations, Committees, Organizations, and Assemblies.
3) Total Value of $Donations$ and Gratuities accepted from Individuals.

2/5/19, 1:55 PM  

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