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Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Wilkerson: Both parties support endless war

Some years ago, during the George W. Bush administration, I watched a three-hour program on C-SPAN where then Naval War college teacher and author (Pentagon's New Map) Thomas Barnett gave a presentation.  He was introduced as Donald Rumsfeld's strategy guy.

Barnett stated that America's role under corporate globalization would be 'security export'.  Other countries would make products using cheap labor and the US would fight wars to control the 'non-integrating gap' around the world in places where oil and other vital resources were available.  These places, where the particular nations were not 'fully integrated' into the US-controlled 'new world order', would be taken down and occupied.

This is what we see today in the Middle East, Central Asia, Africa and Latin America where the US-NATO are attempting to take full control of the planet on behalf of western corporate interests.

Empire means endless war to stay in control.  That means massive debt to pay for war and cutbacks in social and environmental spending.  It means withdrawing from treaties as a key step in this strategy - create chaos and claim the right to occupy and 'stabilize'.  They are only interested in stability when it means full corporate dominance.

In the short video clip above retired Army Col. Lawrence Wilkerson (former chief of staff to Secretary of State Colin Powell) recounts attending a recent meeting of Democrat and Republican leaders who are totally committed to endless war.  The clip speaks for itself.



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