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Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Dems censor, demonize, slam critics of Venezuela coup

Yesterday I posted this article Congresswoman who fixed Democratic primary for Clinton now ‘fixing’ democracy in Venezuela from RT on several Fazebook pages.

At one of the pages a couple likely loyal Democrats asked the page moderators to remove the post because it was from RT.  One woman wrote: Admins please don't allow posts from RT. We don't need to feed the Russian propaganda machine that aims to divide us.

I responded by writing:  Why are some folks so afraid of some Russian media? Have people been brainwashed so effectively that it makes you shudder? We should be reading media from all over the world. Don't we know that most western media (NY Times, Wash Post, TV networks) are corporate controlled media? We have to piece the truth together from many sources.

Another woman answered me:   Who cares about truth. Let’s just give free rein to Russian propaganda. You don’t need to think, you can just ‘feel.’

There was more but I won't bore you with the illogical and mean-spirited drivel that came from these 'good Democrats' who claim they are part of the 'Resistance'.  With resistance like that how can we go wrong?  Ugh....

I actually came away pretty depressed realizing that these woman are out trying to censor information about what is going on in our world because they've been told by their party leadership that Russia is evil.  The article (which I urge you to read) actually quotes the Green Party candidate for president in 2018 Jill Stein (maybe that is in part why these Democratic Party women were upset) and journalist Glenn Greenwald.  RT was actually just giving voice to American activists who are virtually never heard on mainstream western media.

Needless to say it is quite alarming how quickly may so-called 'progressive' Democrats have swallowed the Russia demonization script and are quite ready to censor any media sources that don't give the party line that today is regularly heard on NPR, MSNBC, Washington Post and more.

Just because some Democratic Party leaders are backing the coup d'etat in Venezuela many of these non-critical party faithful are following like lemmings as US foreign policy takes another dive over the cliff.  They, who regularly hate Trump, are now supporting his coup attempt in Venezuela.  

Strange bedfellows for sure.



Blogger Joe Ptak said...

Pure BS...RT has no credibility...pure proganda rag.

1/29/19, 6:05 PM  

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