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Saturday, January 19, 2019

Our new home in Brunswick

We are making good progress getting things set up in our apartment on McKeen Street in Brunswick. 

The apartment is in an old converted farm house that in classic Maine style was added onto over the years as the families in it grew.

We are living upstairs.  MB and I are quite happy with the place and the two-week wait to get in here due to renovations turned out to be worth it.  I spent yesterday hanging things in my office (below) which comes with a big closet and shelves.  Perfect.

Everyone is talking about the coming snow storm which is expected to dump up to 18 inches here along the Midcoast.  Our very thoughtful and kind landlady (who lives in another place) asked me to shovel out the doorway and path to the car of an older woman in the apartments.  I love the snow and gladly accepted the assignment.  In Bath we had five doorways to clear plus paths to the shed and woodpile.  I am happy to have an excuse to play in the snow.  I told the landlady (who has already asked me about Putin) that having lived in hot and humid Florida for 30 years I still have lots of snow energy stored up in my body.

From here it takes at most five minutes to walk downtown.  Bowdoin College men and women basketball is in season which I love to watch.  There is much to do around town.

Every Friday at 5:00 pm a peace vigil is held along the town green.  (Last night we had six folks there.) It has been going on since 9-11, every week.

When MB and I first came to Maine in 2003 we lived here in Brunswick four years before moving to the big intentional community house in Bath that we called the Addams-Melman House.  We had a sign on the front of that house with the AMH name painted on it.  An artist friend is adding the word 'annex' to the sign which we will display here at the new apartment.  The heart of the AMH lives in all of those who graced that wonderful community for 12 years.  We will miss that great gathering place.

All during this transition time of moving I've been working on the Russia Study Tour the Global Network is sponsoring for next spring.  The key tasks currently are keeping the 25 folks going with us informed about Visa and airline options.  I've been regularly communicating with Russia Veterans For Peace about our joint meeting in St. Petersburg.  Arranging hotels in the three places we will visit (Moscow, Crimea and St. Petersburg) is nearly complete.  It's alot of dots to connect to pull off a trip like this which in the end will be a life changing experience for all of us.



Blogger Unknown said...

Thanks for showing us where you and MB have landed. Bowdoin College will never be the same with you in the neighborhood. Hooray!

1/20/19, 6:53 AM  
Blogger ruxpert said...

very nice cozy office you got there

1/22/19, 1:50 AM  

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