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Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Troops really coming home?

In Part II of the series Trump Expanding the Empire, Abby Martin addresses the surprise order from Trump that he was 'ending the war' in Syria.

On another foreign policy front (NATO) the New York Times today reports:

NATO had planned to hold a leaders meeting in Washington to mark its 70th anniversary in April, akin to the 50-year celebration that was hosted by President Bill Clinton in 1999. But this year’s meeting has been downgraded to a foreign ministers gathering, as some diplomats feared that Mr. Trump could use a Washington summit meeting to renew his attacks on the alliance.

Leaders are now scheduled to meet at the end of 2019, but not in Washington.
The mainstream media, the Democrats, and the military industrial complex are in full internal battle mode as they clamor about Trump 'maybe or possibly' pulling the US out of NATO.

The NATO alliance has been looking for a purpose to exist ever since the former Soviet Union fell apart in 1991.  Now that Russia has been identified by the national security state as enemy #1 it appears that NATO has a future.  The alliance, violating promises by President George H. W. Bush's administration to Russia in 1991 that NATO would not expand 'one centimeter' eastward, now sits on Moscow's doorstep and is going global with 'partnerships' that allow the alliance to also encircle China.

NATO has become the military arm of corporate capital.

The fact that Trump, has at times, expressed that NATO is a waste of money is a good thing because it is true.  And NATO is provocative and destabilizing though no one in Washington would dare utter those words.

The really crazy thing is how 'liberal Democrats' are currently the biggest cheerleaders around for NATO, the CIA, the FBI and the rest of the national security state.  In order to trash Trump, and retake control of government, the liberals have linked arms with the worst warlike, repressive, surveillance state elements in the world.

I am not a Trump fan but you know what they say about a broken clock - it still shows the correct time twice a day.  For whatever reason Trump now and then stumbles onto a decent idea and should be encouraged - no matter how convoluted his thinking can be.

Things are such a mess in Washington, London, Brussels, Bonn and Paris (The Axis of Medieval) it is hard for most people to get a handle on any truth.  But most disappointing is to see many so-called 'progressives' becoming champions of the war machine out of their hatred for The Donald.



Blogger Geoff Holland said...

I agree, we need to commend Trump when he makes a good decision. But the so-called troop pull-out of Syria 1. has been postponed indefinitely it seems 2. would be pulling out troops sent there (2,000?)relatively recently anyway (500?), and leaving the original troops there along with about 550 mercenaries?

While mainstream media makes a big deal of the rift between Trump and Democracts (hawks) and NATO, well Trump is just as much a hawk. There is really no difference between Trump and the Democracts. The proposed pullout really means no change in the status quo.

1/16/19, 3:16 AM  

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