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The collapsing US military & economic empire is making Washington & NATO even more dangerous. US could not beat the Taliban but thinks it can take on China-Russia-Iran...a sign of psychopathology for sure.

Friday, September 07, 2018

Preparing for war with Russia

The corporate run US-NATO know they have a very short window to take Russia and China down before they become too strong and successfully resist Washington's domination agenda.  We just might already be at that tipping point and the Pentagon must know it but blusters toward Armageddon anyway.

We witness war preparations underway as well as frequent provocations in the effort to draw Moscow into a trap.

Imagine the money being wasted by US-NATO on this project.  Remember that Russia cut their military budget the last two years saying they needed those funds for social development.

If only we could say that here in the US - - that Congress and the White House had determined a collapsing America needed the funds now squandered on the war machine.  That would be a great day.  Instead Congress voted huge increases this year for the military industrial complex.

Many Americans, even peace activists, shy away from addressing the hyper Russia demonization going on in the west.  They are afraid to stick their necks out and call Washington for what it is - a war monger.  Anyone who objectively looks at the present situation (the US-NATO military advancement all along Russia's borders) and fails to see the signs of clear provocations has their eyes and hearts slammed shut.

I had a phone call last night from a peace activist in Connecticut who told me that the newly formed Poor People's Campaign in his state refuses to talk about or protest the huge nuclear submarine building operation in Groton run by General Dynamics.  I asked him who leads the group and he said mostly clergy.

In Maine it is a similar story.  The Poor People's Campaign in our state is largely run by clergy and also refuses to say a mumbling word about the huge destroyer shipyard here in Bath that is run by General Dynamics.

The Poor People's Campaign wants to see an end to the growing level of poverty in the US but on the local level is afraid to take on the manifestation of the cancer that is eating our nation alive - militarism.  It's a spiritual issue (go back and read Martin Luther King) and is an issue of priorities.

Why won't the clergy call for the conversion of the military industrial complex in America?  Could it be they fear losing some coins in the Sunday collection plate more than they fear the consequences of nuclear war?  (We often hear that these churches have members, family, friends working inside these military production facilities and it would not be nice to make these people feel uncomfortable by protesting outside their gates.)

It's really quite sad that after nearly 40 years working full time in the peace movement I find myself in a situation where I am almost begging my peers to wake up and smell the coffee when it comes to the US aggressive and dangerous policy towards Russia.  I've lived through the Cold War and before that the red-baiting years in America.  I know the power of those times to freeze people who fear being denounced as Russia lovers.  But at what point do we step back and note that its not really about loving Russia but instead its a matter of loving justice?

Where is the sanity and justice when the American bully rounds up the NATO posse and continually pokes and provokes the sleeping bear?  Isn't it apparent to all that the US policy to encircle Russia and China with a massive string of bases, missile defense deployments, and major war games is unacceptable?

Isn't it clear to all that spending a trillion dollars a year on endless war is bleeding our nation of the resources needed to have a just society?  Isn't it clear to the environmental community that the military is the biggest contributor to climate change?

The Saker writes on his blog the following:

The USA and Russia have been at war for several years now. Yes, this war is roughly 80% informational, 15% economic and only 5% kinetic. But this can change very rapidly. The main reasons for this war are not just the usual mix of grand power rivalries, economic and financial struggles, the desire to control raw materials or strategic geographical locations. These are all present this time too, but the deeper reason for this war is that Russia and the USA represent two mutually exclusive civilizational models. Very succinctly, Russia wants a multi-polar world in which each country is free to develop as its people see fit and in which international law regulates relations between nations. The Empire stands, well, for itself, of course. Meaning that it wants a single world hegemony ruled by the AngloZionists. Furthermore, Russia stands for traditional moral and spiritual values whereas the Empire stands for greed, globalism and the destruction of all traditions and moral values. It is pretty self-evident that these two systems cannot coexist. They present existential threats to each other. Russia will either become sovereign or enslaved. The Empire will either control the planet or crumble. Tertium non datur.

Why the silence?

Rattle your chains now folks while you still can.....



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