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Friday, September 07, 2018

History lesson: Phoenix Program & the CIA

The CIA these days, along with FBI and other intelligence agencies in Washington, are being lauded as on the side of democracy as the Deep State attempts to take down Trump.

Douglas Valentine has written the definitive book on the Phoenix Program called 'CIA as Organized Crime: How Illegal Operations Corrupt America and the World'.

Valentine is featured in a new article on the subject of the Phoenix Program and the current 'love' for the CIA, FBI and other Intel organizations by the 'liberal' media like MSNBC and CNN.

The article is called: Whose Side is the CIA On?  You can find it here.

Valentine reveals in his book that today's Department of Homeland Security was modeled on the  Vietnam-era Phoenix Program.  So these high-tech surveillance, identification, and tracking programs across America are the prelude to an ugly implementation of a Phoenix-style operation aimed at the American people.

Among the several former CIA agents featured in the video above is one of my heroes Philip Agee.  Agee grew up in Tampa, Florida and went to college at Notre Dame.  When he left the CIA he published a book 'Inside the Company', exposing many CIA operations & operatives.  George H. W. Bush (daddy Busy) was the director of the CIA at the time and called Agee the 'most dangerous man in the world.'  Bush got US allies in Europe to hound Agee as he ran from nation to nation trying to escape the vengeful arm of the CIA.

Agee's sister lived in Orlando where I was then working for the Florida Coalition for Peace & Justice.  She would often come to our office and help prepare mailings.  Once she put on a classical concert at her home as a fundraiser for the organization.  When I told her I was going on a speaking tour of Germany (in protest of a NASA plutonium space launch) she contacted Phil who was then living with his ballerina wife in Hamburg.  Phil graciously hosted me in his home for a couple days and took me to one of the best Italian restaurants I'd ever been to.  He guided us on a walking tour of some of the city before we ate.  When I left he handed me an autographed copy of his book 'On the Run' about his years escaping the grab of the CIA. The book is one of my most loved possessions and an excellent read.

Eventually things settled down and Phil was able to come back to the US and began speaking throughout the country.  His sister arranged for him to come speak at a packed Methodist Church in downtown Orlando to a statewide meeting that I organized.

Agee was a dedicated revolutionary who opposed Washington's world domination program with every fiber of his being.  He should not be forgotten.

Be warned and aware.



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