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Thursday, September 06, 2018

Americans in Crimea

A delegation from the US consisting of four people arrived in Crimea within the framework of the people’s diplomacy project. They will stay on the peninsula until September 9th. During this time they will become acquainted with life in the Russian republic and learn about the real situation. It is important since, according to the human rights activist Sylvia Demarest, the American media distorts the real picture of the events on the peninsula.
“The picture of Crimea is absolutely inadequate. Americans are insufficiently informed about what really happens in Crimea. Now the media works in a new format, this is all thanks to the Internet and other media, that’s why what reaches the average American is absolutely untrue,” she said at a press conference in Simferopol.
The subject of Crimea isn’t especially important for the ordinary American, emphasized a member of the delegation, the businessman Michael Metz [former director of Cisco – ed]: “Ordinary Americans don’t think about Crimea, they don’t discuss this subject. They are more concerned about how to raise their children, how to pay the bills, how to work. Yes indeed, Crimea as a topic is often met in politics. But for most Americans their own problem are more essential, like for people in Russia”.

At the same time members of the delegation emphasized that they aren’t afraid of sanctions and the fact that after visiting the Crimea they will lose the opportunity to visit Ukraine. 

“I don’t worry at all and I don’t worry about what Ukraine will do. This is low on my list of my priorities,” added the member of Association of doctors pensioners Glenn Rennels.

If you click on this link here you can see the video of the Americans on TV - it is in Russian and English.


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