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Sunday, September 02, 2018

A view from Maine

MB and I yesterday at the top of Mt Battie overlooking Camden harbor in Maine. Photo by our friend Marian Gurry Stanton.

No, I did not walk or climb all the way up there.  We drove.  In the past MB and I have walked to the top of Mt Battie but presently I am not in the condition to do that.

Although I must say that I am doing much better with my walking and most importantly I have kicked my meds to the curb at last.  Just taking over the counter pain relievers now and then.  Keeping the ice on the knee when needed as well.

Our two days up to this lovely part of Maine have been quite wonderful - weather has been nice and cool.

Saw in the Portland paper this morning that August was the hottest month in Maine recorded history. How can the climate change deniers continue to ignore what is starring us all in the face?

As we looked out over the ocean from the top of Mt Battie we saw an unusual haze over the area and I wondered out loud if the forest fires in the west have been carried by winds toward Maine? 



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