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Monday, January 29, 2018

U.S. pushing Ukraine back to war in Donbass

This video was shot during the Obama administration when his Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt joined Maj. Gen. Gregory Lengyel, Commander of US Special Operations Command Europe (SOCEUR), on his trip to Khmelnytskyi (western Ukraine), where US Special Forces from Fort Carson, Colorado were training the then newly formed National Guard.  Many of these National Guard were made up of Nazi death squad members who were given a nice new uniform and taught to salute properly and then were prepared to attack their fellow citizens in eastern Ukraine (Donbass) along the Russian border.

The goal of the US has always been to create the justification to expand US-NATO military operations along the Russian border in order to create chaos near and inside Russia.  The US wants regime change in Moscow and is now playing with fire to try to achieve that dangerous goal.

In a new article entitled War in Donbass expected by time of Russian elections Eduard Popov (currently the leading research fellow of the Institute of the Russian Abroad and the founding director of the Europe Center for Public and Information Cooperation) writes the following:

For four years already, the US and its NATO allies have intensively trained the Ukrainian army, regularly held military exercises involving NATO and UAF troops, and occupied Ukraine’s training grounds. These efforts have not been in vain. Without American and NATO help - be it financial, technical, or in terms of training or the involvement of NATO instructors and commandos in combat operations - the UAF would have faced utter defeat back in 2014.

In other words, Ukraine is not ready for war. Kiev is counting on aid from the West in exchange for its servitude as the “eastern shield” against the “Russian barbarians.” Ukraine pays for its confrontation with Russia in blood, while the West pays only in money. Such is the delegation of roles. The Ukrainian leadership is deeply indifferent to the fate of its wounded, so we can safely predict a very high death count in Ukrainian hospitals. 

All of this goes to show that Ukraine is objectively unprepared for war on its own. But, as our numerous analyses and Ukrainian actions have demonstrated, Western-dictated Kiev is evidently pushing towards war no matter the cost. As follows, the unpreparedness of the Ukrainian side testifies to the increasing possibility of the direct involvement of foreign forces.
I agree with Popov when he says that 'foreign forces' - meaning the US and NATO - are pushing this war.  Washington and Brussels do not care about the lives lost or the destruction of Ukraine.  All they care about is punching Russia (and particularly Putin) in the nose.  Putin's crime?  He has refused to surrender his nation, its economy and its resources to the west like Yeltsin before him did without so much as a whimper.  

The US can't control Putin so that means war - one way or the other.  Except in this case the US has picked a fight with a country that can actually fight back.  Russia is not Panama or Granada or Iraq, Libya or Syria.

Popov's informed speculation is that the US-NATO wants Kiev to attack the Donbass right before the Russian election on March 18.  The deep state in Washington is running this show.  If you doubt me just look at the short video of former V-P Joe Biden just a couple of posts below this one.

The US is an out-of-control arrogant and criminal state.  Either the people in the US wake up and move to stop this or we are going to WW III.  Maybe sooner than we ever thought.



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