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With a new administration in Washington it will be a challenge to get the 'liberals' to hold Biden-Harris to the few 'progressive promises' they made during their campaign. Biden is bringing back many of Bush & Obama's neo-cons to head his foreign policy. I'll be on this case without hesitation.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

This is pure evil

This an absolutely ignorant and evil display of fascism - it sickens me.

I love baseball and to see the corporations that control the sport at the pro level allow the game to be used like this to sell war makes me furious.

The message to the public is clear.  We control everything now - including the ball and the pitchers mound. Be a good lackey and you will be fine.  But step out of line and our homegrown terrorists are ready to take you down.

Look what they did in Ferguson and many other places in this nations history like Wounded Knee and more recently at Standing Rock.

We are literally at the tipping point where we either push these evil powers back or they take full control.  That is where we are today.



Anonymous Brother Jonah said...

Munchen, 1936

1/17/18, 6:58 AM  
Anonymous Brother Jonah said...

Jerusalem 33 CE

1/17/18, 7:01 AM  

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