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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Update on General Dynamics LD 1781 Public hearing in Augusta

The Taxation Committee in Augusta has scheduled the public hearing for LD 1781 (the General Dynamics $60 million corporate subsidy bill) for Tuesday, January 30 at 1:00 pm.  The hearing will be held in Room 127 inside the State House.
Additionally the Taxation Committee Work Session on the same bill will ‘probably’ be held on Tuesday, February 6 at 1:00 pm so please put that on your calendar as well.
USM emeritus Professor of Law Orlando Delogu wrote this morning the following words:
At the hearing you need to assemble people from every county and both parties—lots of them.  Let them fill the meeting room, line the hallways, spill out into the street.  A repetition of the facts—how much money this corporation has earned; how much cash on hand they have; how much they pay senior staff; how much money they’ve already gotten from the state will not hurt you.  Say it over and over.  Some speakers should point out the far more important expenditures facing the State.  Keep repeating that too.

At this point I have heard that 20 Op-Eds or Letters to Editor have been written to at least 10 Maine daily and weekly papers about this bill.  I know that others are on the way.  Please consider writing something yourself – the only way we can defeat this outrageous corporate grab of the Maine treasury is if more people across the state know about it and have a chance to react.

Also please write or call your State Representative and Senator and let them know how you feel about LD 1781.

If you need more info I’d suggest watching the interview with Orlando Delogu at

Also the ground breaking article in the Providence Journal about General Dynamics stock buybacks is all the evidence anyone needs to understand that they don’t need money from Maine.  See it at

Please do all you can to bring a car load to the public hearing in Augusta on January 30.

Thanks to all who are helping so much to stop this corporate welfare bill.  



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