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Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Remember the History.....


Anonymous Brother Jonah said...

Of course, in the LameStream or TameStream media that's considered "debunked" and that's the end of it, in their eyes ears and most importantly their microphones and cameras.

The Cuban "exiles" some of whom had jail connections with me, you know, the lower ranks, really stand up guys if you overlooked the fact they were dope dealers (not much of a problem, Colorado Rockies owner and perennial Gubernatorial candidate Pete Coors is arguably The Biggest drug dealer in America, just ask AA if beer ain't a drug) and that some were enforcers. The ones the CIA and military threw under the bus.

Their narratives aren't going to be reported on MSNBC or especially FOX. What gets me riled is Poindexter and Secord are heavy hitters on Wall Street and North is a warmonger. Literally. He's hired by Fox to baptize war in a big steaming pool of propaganda. Propaganda comes into the English language through the Catholic Church. It simply means "planting seeds" and the English equivalent of it is "broadcasting".

The upshot of that is, propaganda was a big issue in World War 2. It became a Negative Term. That "we" engaged in exactly the same level of smack talking done by Herr Goebbels gets glossed over.

Broadcasting which means two different things (before electronic communications) has no such negative connotations. One of the meanings is to cast nets, and the other to cast seed by hand from a pouch.

So they sell war. Distort the picture before broadcasting it, mention that Hizbollah pulled the trigger on 300 marines but no emphasis on North and his accomplices sold them the "gun" or in this case two truckloads of explosives. Very distasteful.

Secord and Poindexter had a role in developing a spy computer system called Carnivore in the 90s. Got that from science magazines. Made to monitor communications and augment Interpol's system Echelon. Guess which science story ain't going to fare better than the cocaine deal in Western press?

And that Carnivore is a close synonym for "Beast". And those in charge are about the most amoral characters in America.

10/4/16, 12:26 PM  
Anonymous Brother Jonah said...

As to the crack, in 85-86 there was a famine in the land in regard to pot. And I was right on the border, El Paso. Like, nothing in the way of smoke-em. It bothered me quite a bit. The border was locked down tighter than mouse anus.

But there was plenty of cocaine and heroin. So much that people were smoking one or the other or both at once. Since neither coca nor poppies grow very well in the U.S. In a way, it did make a little bit of sense, to smuggle a million dollars of weed would take a truck.

A million in coke or smack you could use a backpack. Or a military aircraft. It was just coincidence, I suppose, that smack came from Afghanistan which was in a state of war and since Afghans all collectively probably couldn't afford a used car to share among them... but there was plenty American armaments to go around. Expensive American hardware. And Colombia is right on the line with Nicaragua and Panama. And the really not very coincidental position of people who had done gun-running and dope peddling out of the Delta a few years earlier.

I wasn't in the military or dope yet, but there were stories going around Ft Bliss that China White was coming in on Air Force C5A transports packed in the coffins. The official story was that you couldn't get dope onto an air force flight. Which was and probably still is a fat lie. So in the 80s, with people running things, lots of things, which were so totally immoral I would never believe human beings would do...

Sure they'll poison Americans. Which is what smack and crack are, chemical warfare the victims actually pay to kill themselves with it. Not new either, the British had a bit of a go at it in China more than a hundred years earlier. The Opium Wars weren't foisted onto the British by the Chinese. The Chinese didn't want that crap in their country, and let the Brits know. It was the Empire of Britain forcing the Empire of China to accept the dope trade.

So, yeah, it's easy after getting to know the ways of gentlemen like North and Poindexter, to believe they would sell the more fractious and potentially rebellious Americans a drug or combination of drugs that would make them less of a threat to Their agenda. And takes the attention away from killing an Archbishop, subverting countries that aren't cooperative and funding terrorists like the Contras, all they have to do is say "look, over there! It's Negroes using dangerous drugs!" And Grandpa and Grandma America will be watching that, saying tsk tsk tsk while in the background well, you know.

I wish I could come up with a clever and funny joke to help describe it. But there just ain't any humor in it.

10/4/16, 9:29 PM  

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