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Friday, October 21, 2016

Freeport in the Rain

It was a dreary day here in Maine today with mist and rain.  But after all the good weather we have had along the way I can't really complain and we sure need the rain.

We met in Brunswick this morning and the group walked 10 miles to Freeport.  I drove the van and then helped set up lunch and walked the last four miles.  It felt good to be back on the road behind the drums and it felt like what ever ailment I've had might be on its way out of my body.  At least I hope so.

We were hosted tonight at the Durham Quaker Meeting House about 12 miles from Freeport.  They organized dinner and home stays for us.

In the morning we shuttle back to Freeport and then walk about 15 miles to Portland where we will be hosted by the State Street Church.

VFP member Ken Jones from North Carolina (who used to live here in Maine) arrived today.  Ken was with Will Griffin and I for the Grand March for Life and Peace on Jeju Island, South Korea last August.  It is fun to have him along.  Another VFP member Nate Goldshlag is back for his second round of walking - he lives near Boston.

A couple of our key walk organizers have to leave - one to return to prior commitments at home and the other because her knee gave out.  We will miss Katie Greenman and Connie Jenkins a bunch.  We are so grateful to both for their outstanding efforts to help make this whole event happen.

The Times Record (our local midcoast paper) ran an excellent front page story about the walk today.  You can see it here and a story from our visit to Norway, Maine which was also published today here



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