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Sunday, October 09, 2016

5th Maine Peace Walk Begins October 11

Artist Russell Wray from Hancock, Maine

There have been some minor changes to the first day Maine Peace Walk schedule.  Here is the latest:

Day 1 (Penobscot Nation on Indian Island) Tuesday, October 11

  • Meet in Bath (212 Centre St) 9:00 am and drive north to Indian Island via I-95 taking exit 197 to Old Town
  • Over bridge to Indian Island 
  • .3 miles Stop sign turn right to Boat Landing just before the school on Wabanaki Way
  • 12:00 Lunch at boat landing (bring something to share)
  • 2:00 pm Talks by Chief Kirk Francis and Sherri Mitchell followed by Orientation meeting in conference room at the Nicholas Sapiel Building at 27 Wabanaki Way, directly across from the parking lot for High Stakes Bingo. The drive to the building is a left just after the Public Safety Bldg.
  • 6:00 Pot luck supper in Nicholas Sapiel Bldg as well
  • Homestays

Orientation plan:

We’ll first hear from Penobscot Chief Kirk Francis and Sherri Mitchell before beginning the 2:00 pm orientation which will include the following:
  • Introductions
  • Walk theme & messaging (signs, flyers, etc)
  • Daily walk plan & route review
  • Respecting the drums
  • How to integrate new people who join the walk along the route
  • Responsibility of guests at host sites
  • Shuttling plan (Coordinator needed)
  • Van drivers
  • Food & breaks
 See you all soon



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