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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Electoral Illusion & Deception

Financier George Soros and Hillary Clinton.  Soros is doing his best to support her campaign for president

  • I've been saying for some time that I believe Donald Trump was encouraged to enter the Republican presidential race in order to throw a bomb inside that operation to ensure that Hillary Clinton gets elected.  I've mentioned in the past about Bill Clinton's phone call to Trump shortly before he declared for the Republican nomination.  The Washington Post ran a story where it is quite clear that Bill Clinton was encouraging Trump to run.  Why would he dare do that?  My opinion is that the corporate oligarchy that wants Hillary Clinton to be elected understands she has massive negatives with the American people.  The only way to get her elected is to have a Republican candidate with even more negatives running against her.  Trump fits that requirement.  Every day I hear more mainstream 'news' stories reporting on some lefty Bernie Sanders supporter saying they will 'hold their nose' and vote for Clinton because 'The Donald' is just so bad.  Works like a charm.

  • But this kind of high stakes 'democracy' can't be left to chance - or to the unobstructed will of the great unwashed - the voting public.  There have to be intervening forces put into place to help direct and act out the script.  Enter super financier and philanthropist George Soros and his Open Society Foundations.  Soros has long been known as an anti-Communist from Hungary and has been a leading force in the directing and funding of 'Color Revolutions', particularly in Eastern Europe.  From those so-called 'battles for democracy' have come a series of right-wing governments that have then been invited to join NATO which has led to US-NATO bases and military operations now reaching the Russian borders.  Soros and his foundations rely on NGO's to do the 'pro-democracy' grassroots work that leads to regime change which is then redirected into the hands of right-wing governments under US-NATO control.  The 2014 coup d'etat in Ukraine just being the latest example.

  • China and Russia recently have passed laws severely restricting the funding of NGO's in their countries largely out of concern for Soros, USAID, National Endowment for Democracy, and CIA interventions in the affairs of those two nations.  It has become clear in recent years that the US-NATO want regime change in Moscow and Beijing and they use many tools including NGO funding to create internal destabilization toward that end.

  • But Soros is not only active overseas with his internal political manipulation tactics.  Even inside the US we find Soros actively funding operations to ensure that his favorite candidates and policies carry the day.  His support for the candidacy of Hillary Clinton is one such case.  Thus it becomes interesting to begin to trace the links between the Soros support for Clinton and his funding of domestic NGO's who are being used to organize anti-Trump events which build the fear and create social chaos around the Trump campaign.  This strategy is obviously being carried out to further drive up Trump's negatives by unsuspecting organizations who believe they are just speaking out against Trump's racism, anti-immigrant positions and the like.

  • Over the years Soros (calling himself a liberal who believes in democracy) has funded many organizations on the left.  My personal opinion, based on 36 years of active involvement in the peace & justice movement, is that 'liberal foundations' are used by the corporate oligarchy to direct messages on the left, set in place gate keepers against more radical organizing, and to appoint 'leaders' on the left by giving them access to funding, media, etc.  Over the years I saw foundation funders kill the Nuclear Freeze Movement in the mid-1980's by requiring them to move the national campaign office from St. Louis to Washington DC.  Once inside the vortex of Washington the freeze movement died a quick death - the corporate Democrats were getting worried about surging grassroot demands to end the nuclear arms race which would impact military production at the congressional level.  Similarly we've seen in more recent years that some 'progressive funders' have mandated that grant recipients stop using the word 'disarmament' and instead use 'arms control' if they wished to qualify for grants.  In just recent days I saw an email about one 'progressive funder' saying that it was time to redefine the word 'peace' because organizations having received their funding over the years had not been able to stop endless wars and arms races.  So I am absolutely convinced that money drives the mission across the NGO world - our movements get watered down and redirected off message if they want the cash.

  • The Soros Open Society Foundations have over the years funded many 'left or liberal' groups which include AFSC, Center for American Progress (a Clinton linked operation), Democracy Now, Human Rights Watch (also linked to Clinton), and Veterans For Peace.  This is just a tiny list of Soros grantees.  

  • In recent months though I have been hearing about Soros funding NGO's across the US to specifically focus on the Trump campaign.  I've heard that and Veterans For Peace (among many others) have received grants from Soros to help organize protests at Trump rallies.  Lately we've seen some of these events turn quite ugly.  I am certain that progressive groups taking these funds from Soros don't see themselves as doing back-door work for the Clinton campaign - but in the end that is what is basically happening.  Soros has a track record of funding NGO's in order to create social chaos which then helps oligarchic efforts in a particular country to take control of the government.  I do see a clear link between the anti-Trump NGO operations and their results contributing to helping Clinton get elected to the White House.  

  • Because of the massive corporate money now put into elections in the US (and around the world) the will of the people gets diluted and redirected into pre-determined places by the forces at work behind the scenes.  Many good-hearted and well-meaning individuals and NGO's get used by this dirty game to become two-bit actors in the wider circus side show called elections.  I am sure it is hard for a poor struggling NGO to turn down hundreds of thousands of dollars when offered - especially if the purpose of the grant is to go after someone like Donald Trump.

  • I write all this not to point fingers at any particular NGO but instead to help shine a light on the 'behind the scenes manipulations' of democracy that are going on today and getting worse.  It is wise for all of us to see the depths that the corporate oligarchy will go in order to control our societies.   


Anonymous Warren Celli said...

Trump was encouraged primarily to build flagging voter participation, necessary to validate and legitimize the scam process...

Peace to you...

5/28/16, 9:30 AM  

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