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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Critics of U.S. 'Missile Defense' Radar Raided in Japan

 Statement on Police Raids in Osaka, Japan

Admit not unjust oppression. Protest sternly the false, unjust oppression by Security 3rd Section of Osaka Prefectural Police!

On May 2nd, Security 3rd Section of Osaka Prefectural Police made forced search at 16 venues simultaneously, offices, homes, etc, of those that take part in Kyoto/Kinki (West) Liaison Council to Oppose US Army X-band Radar Station. The sites are widespread, 5 offices, 11 private houses. Though no arrests are confirmed as of now.

Osaka Pref Police says "2 suspects other than xx" and charge of "fraud" only, that absolutely groundless. Nothing at all is told by them what deeds make "fraud", who are "two others". Such forced searches are illegal whatever Osaka Police dares to say. Items they confiscated must be returned immediately. We reprimand thoroughly this naked unjust oppression and protest to allow never any further of it.

The oppression is well suspected to focus on the Liaison Council to Oppose US Army X-band Radar Station, following the unjust arrests/unjust oppression last June 4-5th on "charge of breaching the road transportation law". What it aims is to intimidate the movement, to divide local residents, we see. The movement to oppose US Army X-band Radar Station, anti-base action launched of late, has been fighting united with local residents,  joined by people of Kinki (West) and around Japan. It has been promoting no-base movements nationwide, that of Henoko, Okinawa, among others, as well as internationally with those in Korea. And All-out Local Meeting at Kyotango is to be on coming June 5th by the joint advocates.

Establishment of Japan is so afraid of the movements growing further to oppose US Army X-band Radar Station at Kyotango, the focal site of US Missile Defense System and the torch of military unification of Japan-US, that it chases to mash the no-base movements on its way also to deploy THAAD Missile in Japan. But the struggles of the council has left no room for the power to make any say, keeping non-violent direct activities. Osaka Police, seeing no way in this, took to the oppressions faking up "charges", as "breach of road transportation law" last year, and "fraud" this time. We are innocent, never admit the unjust oppression totally groundless. The oppression being just on the eve of G7 Summit in IseShimsa and items confiscated tell too this makes pre-oppression to the action protesting the Summit.

We, Liaison Council to Oppose US Army X-band Radar Station, those searched and all, organize now to fight back squarely and sternly. By peoples as many as possible, angered at the oppression, speaking out, standing up, the police shall not keep nor enlarge it any further.

We call anyone to attend the urgent Counter-Oppression Meeting May 12th. And gaining a big success of 6.5 KyoTango All-out Meeting with large turnout, let us go smash the dark scheme of Osaka Police. Let clearly no-base movements proceed that lead to the peaceful East Asia together.

May 5, 2016
Liaison Council of Kyoto to Oppose US Army X-band Radar Station


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