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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Chaos in the Democratic Party

This video is from the Nevada state Democratic Party convention yesterday.  They were deciding on the final delegate count for the national convention - how many delegates would Clinton or Sanders get?  (The last 5:30 minutes give the best explanation as to what actually happened.)

As far as I can tell the Clinton forces pulled a couple of fast ones and changed the rules midstream and ended up giving Clinton more delegates than she actually earned to the national convention.  The Sanders people obviously didn't like the dirty tricks.

At some point a fight broke out and the police were called.

The bigger picture here is what is most important.  My guess is that Clinton knows that Sanders is closing strong with expected victories in most of the final primaries.  Clinton is going to use every tool possible at these state conventions to pad her numbers before the national convention.

This Nevada event will do nothing to reassure Sanders voters across the country that Clinton is an upstanding leader.  As this story is replicated across the country in the next few months, and it will be, we'll see the growing disillusionment of the Sanders legions.

It is actually unreasonable for anyone to expect that a party under the control of Clinton's corporate backers would ever allow a truly democratic process to take place - especially when so many people have lined up across the country to oppose her corrupt campaign for the White House.

There is alot of money at stake in this election.  Clinton represents the interests of the war machine, Wall Street, resource extraction companies, insurance and pharma industries, big agriculture and more.  Those embedded corporate players don't give a damn about democracy.


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