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Wednesday, February 04, 2015

The Handiwork of US-NATO in Eastern Ukraine

The video of evacuation in Uglegorsk with English subtitles:

Several days ago Uglegorsk (a town to the north of Debaltsevo) was seized by the DPR Army [eastern Ukraine's self defense forces]. Upon their retreat, Ukrainian government forces [supported by US-NATO] called a “Grad” missile strike at the town destroying its center. People had been hiding in the basements for days being in the middle of front line between the militias and counter-attacking UAF groups.

On the 3rd of February the DPR Army began evacuating people of Uglegorsk. Unfortunately, the Ukrainian army refused to cease fire, so the evacuation is being held under shelling. Pensioners and children are being evacuated in the first place. People will be accommodated in cities and towns next to Donetsk. The places have already been prepared for them, people will be provided with food.

According to the human rights ombudswoman of the DPR Darya Morozova, around 600 people have decided to leave the combat zone. The evacuation of people is also being held in other settlements. 
In the video you hear several women calling out the name of Kiev's President Poroshenko - calling for him to end the war.  It is Poroshenko that recently met with Obama in Washington and was given the chance to speak to a cheering joint session of Congress.  Obama and the Congress are now discussing providing more offense weapons to their puppet regime in Kiev (on top of weapons that flow into Kiev's neo-Nazi led Army from other NATO countries like Poland).

This is the handiwork of the US-NATO project along the Russian border.  It is illegal (extermination of civilian populations), immoral, and should be called by its proper name - genocide.


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