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Friday, February 27, 2015

Jeju Film & Activists Coming to Bath

Hee Eun “Silver” Park and Paco Michelson, peace activists from the Jeju Island Anti-Naval Base struggle, will be Bath (Maine) on March 20 for film showing at Grace Episcopal Church (Washington St) at 7:00 pm .... and then on Saturday, March 21 they will join the statewide protest at BIW at 11:30 am.

Since 2007, the people of Gangjeong village on Jeju Island and their supporters have struggled everyday against state violence, corporate power, war profiteering, and environmental destruction. They have done so nonviolently and passionately. As a result of their work for peace, the tiny village of Gangjeong now has one of the highest “crime” rates in all of South Korea. More than 220,000 police officers (as of 2012) have been stationed in Gangjeong. So far, more than 700 arrests have been made, leading to approx. 200 court cases for more than 650 people, approx. $270,000 in fines levied, and 46 imprisonments. More than 30 internationals have been blacklisted, deported, or denied entry. All for the “crime” of peacefully resisting the construction of a naval base that threatens villagers’ livelihoods, the local ecology, and the peace of northeast Asia. 


Blogger denk said...

the infamous kot massacre
*The British 19th century “Resident” in Kathmandu, capital of Nepal, enjoyed something of the power and influence of the U.S. Ambassador today in Peru or the Dominican Republic. In 1846, a young noble military commander, Jung Bahadur, a protégé of the British Resident, seized on a governmental crisis to slaughter several dozen of the leading nobles of Nepal [with approval from london] and thus established his family (the Ranas) as the rulers behind the throne for over a hundred years. This long rule was marked by maintaining Nepal in strict isolation, while providing Nepali peasant boys as soldiers of the British Empire, for whom the Ranas were paid so much a head.

These were the world famous Gurkhas. And the 1846 coup that established the Rana regime is known as the Kot massacre.*

bill hayton
“These countries (in Southeast Asia) are petrified of what you are doing. Stop doing it and make some friends,”

hey *wise guy*
do u know that when china extend a hand of friendship to somebody,
its literally a kiss of death ?


nepal is another traditionally frendly country with china.
in 2001, the royal family of nepal was wiped out in a palace massacre *due to a freak accident* , thats the OFFICIAL story,

on the streets tho, nepalse were chanting *death to cia/raw*, hmm, sounds like the UsualSuspects alright, apparently nepalse peasants were well versed in zwo watch rule 1 !
*when in doubt, blame the US, u wont be too far off *
in fact a nepalese diplomat publicly named cia/raw as culprits . [1]
even the india based nepalese maoist leader said as much. [2]

* Some Marxist pundits, based on this, called us a pro-monarchy party, and we can now say that we—NCP(Maoist) and King Birendra—had similar views on many national issues and this had created in fact an informal alliance between us. Obviously, this scared the shit outta imperialist powers and their cronies. In the context of a deteriorating Sino-US relationship and a growing strategic alliance between India and the US, the King who appeared soft on us—the Maoists—and China had become an irritation to the American Imperialists and especially to the Indian expansionists.

India’s dream of annexing Nepal like Sikkim had to be amended and instead they had to make Nepal a Bhutan first, before making it another Sikkim. After CIA (and the recently opened FBI branch in Delhi) approval, RAW (Research and Analysis Wing) [the Indian covert intelligence and operations agency] came up with a grand master plan to annex Nepal.*

see, anybody who IRRITATES [sic] the murkans soon get bumped off,
no wonder china is now suffering a friend deficit in asia .
but this perfidous albion chastise the chinese to make friendls not enemies, hehehehe

yet the successor to king birenda soon get deposed merely four yrs later, apparently for ....flirting too much with beijing !
ironically, the *terminator* of 500 yrs of nepalses mornachy rule was none other than the nepalese maoists who decried US/indian/brit imperialism !

the very first act of this made in india/washington/london *maoists* govn was to bar china from the south asia caucas, saarc.
king birenda must be turning in his grave , its the mornachy who insisted on chinese inclusion in saarc forum, inspite of fierce opposition from new delhi'/washington/london. i guess from that moment onward he was a dead man walking !

washington/london must be mightily pleased with their handywork.
another chinese buddy bites the dust.

so this BritishBushitCorps , a mere hack, just saunter in to a press conference, give a chinese diplomat a public dressing down on proper neighborly manner. [sic]
i can almost hear the guardian headline blaring, *another [4] intrepid brit journo stand up to trembling chinese official....british manhood at its finest*

if ever anyone can surpass the murkkans in self delusion of greatness,
it has got to be those perfidious albions !

3/1/15, 6:48 AM  
Blogger denk said...



[3 ]
see , nothing gets done without ok from washington/london !

there'r a lot more where they come from...

3/1/15, 6:51 AM  

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