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Monday, February 09, 2015

Citizens Revolt in Ukraine

A woman from Zaporozhia region of south-eastern Ukraine delivers a spirited attack against the war to Kiev military recruiters.

If peace is indeed negotiated in Ukraine it will to a large extent be because of the citizens revolt now happening against this US-NATO war project along Russia's border.

(Make sure you click on 'CC' in lower right hand corner of the video to get English subtitles.)

In a related note:  

Ukrainian blogger Oleh Kutseryb describes the course of the so-called mobilization in Ukraine in the Lviv region, where he lives: “I do not know the situation in other regions, but here in the Lviv region road police, policemen and Security Service agents are engaged in mobilization. They operate in brigades consisting of two or three road police cars, a car or a van with a team of Security Service agent and enlistment officers. They stop cars on the roads, demand that men identify themselves and on the spot feed the data to the system with the help of the SS agent’s laptop. If they find the name in the lists, they fill out a draft note at once and hand it in against written acknowledgement. And now – to the most interesting point! The Security Service has got TWO databases, which are cross-checked. The first database contains the list of enlistment offices and all the absconders (those who failed to receive the draft notice), and the second database was compiled by the Security Service of Ukraine (!!!). The brigades operate on highways (such as Kiev-Uzhgorod) as well as on field roads in the smallest villages; they even stop scooter drivers. Knowing the facts, I am sure that Poroshenko has switched on the repressive machine against all the protesters. Dissenters, bloggers, even those who cannot stay indifferent and their relatives are added to the lists of potential rebels and at the same times in the draft lists. Such is our reality”.


Blogger erich said...

2/9/15, 11:57 AM  
Anonymous Ljiljiana said...

Very well done one woman protest from Zaporozhia telling what her people there are going through.

This is what democracy looks like. We want to hear from many more Ukrainians, not just central banker Yats or wealthy Poroshenko.

I would rather hear from a tomato grower any day.

2/9/15, 12:23 PM  

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