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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The Mobster Credo

  • And bust a few knee caps...... (Click on it to start or stop otherwise it will keep playing....)

  • Some of you might think I'm obsessed with Ukraine.... well I am in the sense that it is the place in the world today where major superpower conflict is happening and could lead to a devastating European war.  And after all, I am a peacenik!  What else should I be doing?

  • Just this morning I read on RT:

The US Air Force dispatched a dozen A-10 Thunderbolt II attack jets and about 300 airmen to Germany as part of a military exercise, which is expected to involve NATO allies in Eastern Europe amid simmering tensions over Ukraine.

The Cold War-era aircraft, nicknamed the Warthog, on Monday departed Davis-Monthan Air Force Base in Arizona for Spangdahlem Air Base in Germany as part of Operation Atlantic Resolve.
 Lt. Col. Christopher Karns, a spokesman for the Air Force at the Pentagon, said the aircraft would “forward-deploy” to sites in Eastern European NATO states, where the units will participate in training with allied forces to “strengthen interoperability and…demonstrate US commitment to the security and stability of Europe," he told

The highly reliable A-10 carries a seven-barrel GAU-8/A Avenger Gatling gun that fires 30mm rounds designed to destroy tanks and other armored combat vehicles.

  • Now is this just a shot across Russia's bow as the Minsk negotiations are to begin today?  Is this a bit of Obama's 'arm twisting' of Russia - sort of tightening the screws?  Anyway you cut it Russia has to make some military counter-adjustment.  The US would make a military counter-move if Moscow was deploying attack warplanes in Toronto and Mexico City.

  • It's all very dangerous and I am hanging on by my nails as I watch legions of innocent people die in eastern Ukraine just because they happen to live near the Russian border.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

and aerial bombard a few civilian trains, refugee convoys, grade schools, hospitals, TV station, embassies, power grids (Serbia)

and water aquifers (Libya)

and disperse DU and/or EU (Serbia, Libya, Iraq

and white phosphorus (Iraq)

and promote the demise of heads of state, their kin and destroy their housing (make your own list here)

2/11/15, 2:58 PM  

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