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Wednesday, October 03, 2012


The folks in Gangjeong village are at it again.  They are going on another long walk (Oct 4 - Nov 3) and taking their message to the entire nation - to existing U.S. war bases on the mainland and to the national government as well.  See the report below from the increasingly unified South Korean movement for real democracy.

Lets’ Walk, Walk and Take Away

From Gangjeong village to Seoul
Nationwide Festival-Seoul City Hall Square, Nov. 3

Last June, laid-off workers of the Ssangyong automobile Co., Gangjeong villagers and bereaved families of the Yongsan [Seoul urban neighborhood where President Lee's corporate allies drive for control resulted in five local residents being killed by police as they fought against 'redevelopment'] tragedy - Ssangyong-S,  K(G)angjeong-K, Yongsan-Y - and their related associated organizations launched the SKY ACT-SKY Joint Action.'

    In our launch statement, June 28, we cried:

    The workers are the Sky! The Gureombi is the Sky!

    The evicted people are the Sky!

    We are the Sky! All the lives are the Sky!

    Since then, we have continued solidarity actions through the ‘Nationwide Traveling Rally for Resolution on No Structured Lay-Off, No Irregular Jobs, and No State Violence,’ ‘Great March for the Peace of Gangjeong to Revoke the Jeju Naval Base Project’ (July 30 to Aug. 4) and Campaign for the Screening of ‘Two Doors,’ on the truth of the Yongsan Tragedy.

    It has been with a symbol ‘SKY: Ssangyong (S), K(G)angjeong (K), and Yongsan (Y) and a dream to make solidarity with all the oppressed people who are fighting, suffering unfairness and being evicted.

    The SKY ACT coordinating team has gathered people’s opinion to succeed the touching impression and accomplishment of the Great March for the Peace of Gangjoeng held throughout Jeju and early August and to focus on the struggles on the second half of the year, through the ‘2012 Great March for Life and Peace.’

    Since then, discussions have been held in each group’s meetings, overall meetings and coordinating group meetings. Proposals have been sent to the various fields of labor, civic, society, environment, education, region, religion, human rights and individuals who have joined each struggle of Sangyong, K(G)angjeong and Yongsan.

    We want to meet the ‘SKY’ of this land, who have been excluded and alienated despite the fact that the matters on the revocation of the Jeju naval base, structured lay-off of irregular workers, prohibition on enforced demolition, withdrawal of the Four River Project, stopping of the nuclear power plant etc. are important.

    Contact  Catholic Human Rights Committee

See the whole walk schedule and info here


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