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Saturday, October 20, 2012


It is starting to look like Jeju Island will be turned into a national sacrifice area.   Latest information reveals that there is growing concern and evidence that Air Force and Marine bases could be established on the "Peace Island".  Here is the latest from a member of the National Assembly.

On Oct. 18, the issue raised in the National Assembly inspection on the Republic of Korea Air Force was on the ‘South zone search and rescue corps’ that is being discussed to be installed in the old but currently unused Alttre Air Field, Moseulpo.

Kim Jae-Yoon, Democratic United Party, a member of the Defense Committee of the National Assembly claimed that it is a tactic ultimately to build an Air Force Base. He claimed that the Jeju, Island of peace is at the risk to be degraded as the ‘Island of military base.’

Speaking at a Pentagon news briefing last June, Pacific Command commander Admiral Samuel J. Locklear said: “We’re not really interested in building any more U.S. bases in the Asia-Pacific."  “We shouldn’t have to at this point in time. We have reliable partners and reliable allies, and together we should be able to find ways to—not only bilaterally, but in some cases to multilaterally—to be able to find these locations where we can put security forces that respond to a broad range of security issues.”

Translation: The U.S. is having the South Korean government build the Navy base on Jeju Island for us.  A couple nights ago I was watching the local Congressional debate on TV and our Maine Congresswoman Chellie Pingree (Democrat) was asked where we can cut the federal budget.  Her answer was that we can cut back on some of the money we spend on foreign bases by getting our allies to build them for us.  She didn't say we shouldn't have or use the bases for our military empire.  This "liberal" instead said we should get others to pay the costs for us.  

In the meantime the dredging of the ocean, just offshore from Gangjeong village continues.  The protests at the Navy base destruction gates continue as well.


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