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Wednesday, October 10, 2012


The month-long march across South Korea is now in its 6th day.  Here is a report:

The Oct. 10 spot for the March for Life and Peace was Daejeon, central city of the Choongchung Nam-do province and the 5th largest metropolis of South Korea. With a population of over 1.5 million in 2010, it is ‘a hub of transportation and the science and technology capital of Korea.’ ‘Research institutes in Daejeon include the KARI (Korea Aerospace Research Institute)’

The first site we visited was the navy headquarter of the Republic of Korea Armed Forces, Gyeryongdae complex, which is the ‘tri-service headquarters from where all military operations are planned and controlled.’ The Defense Exhibition 2012 from Oct. 10 to 13 just started on the dame day of visit.

In its Korean site, it says the purpose of the exhibition is to open the door to the small and middle companies armed with advanced scientific technologies into the defense market and to improve defense industry; to promote the domestic and overseas defense corporation technology and information exchange; and to promote the establishment of the military-government-industry research institute and academy.

People having a small rally there where the navy blocked the gate, with two police cars and even a water cannon, denounced the enforcement on the Jeju naval base project, as well as demanded to convert the cost for arms to people’s welfare. It was a very appropriate site to hold the banner on Keep Space for Peace Week and to speak on the arms industry.

The next site people visited was the Daejeon city hall where the people had a press conference on the SKY Joint action and railroad workers’ strike site in the Daejeon train station. The Korean railroad system is being privatized and workers are suffering for the vicious irregular job systems. There was a solidarity talk meeting with them.

Finally the candle vigil was held in the station and many Daejeon citizens gathered to watch the event. The Gangjeong movies and Gangjeong style dance attracted the citizens in Daejeon, which made the march participants and Daejeon activists happy about it.


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