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Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Here is a report from Jeju Island about the numbers of police who have been used to oppress the Gangjeong villagers resistance to the Navy base.
About 130,000 mainland police as a total number of persons have stationed in Gangjeong village since last August of 2011 and the budget of 4.2 billion Won (about 3.5 million US$) was spent for this.

According to the document submitted by the police for parliamentary inspection of state on October 15, a total of 194 police units have been mobilized and 352 police men a day in the average have stationed in Gangjeong village, so total number of police is reaching to 128,042.

Mainly the budget was spent for food, accommodation and transportation by ferry. During the same period, a total of 586 villagers and activists were arrested, among them 493 have been indicted for trials.


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