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Sunday, March 11, 2012


I don't much understand the construction technology used for building Navy bases, but the photo above is a caisson. A bunch of these will be moved from a nearby village port to Gangjeong village to help construction of the base.

Nature lent a hand to the anti-base construction movement today when an accident happened. You can see lots of photos and a video here

Benji reports from Gangjeong:

Today at Hwasun Harbor where the Caisson barge carrier was trying to move, the wind was really strong, strong against the unconscious military base project. The wind and the waves pushed the huge Daelim company barge against 3 fishing boats that were docked at the harbor. Two of the boats sank. Now there is a petrol table at Hwasun Harbor, and none of the authorities were able to contain those leaks. Unfortunately it will create an environmental disaster in the small fishing port.

An eye-catching banner waves at a road junction in Gangjeong that reads, “You may be the smallest village in Korea, Gangjeong, but the peace that starts with you will reach the whole country!”


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